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The efforts of the teachers as well as Ms. Sujata and Dr. Bhavani are absolutely astonishing. The kids are very eager to learn; much disciplined and speak excellent English. This organization has done extremely wonderful things for the children they sponsor.


   - Shifana Lalani, Canada

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The trust is an amazing achievement; the children are all very talented and extremely lucky, as they have now been given opportunities by the trust. I have enjoyed my time greatly and will miss the children.


   - Sarah Hancock, England, UK


I have had such a great time working with the children at Ashwini. I will try to come back for many visits before I leave. To Sujata and Bhavani: you have done such a wonderful job. I am proud to be associated with Ashwini.


  - Rachel Campbell, Australia


Thanks to everyone here. I have really never had such a positive experience with an NGO. It was a great honor to work with you. I hope to return and wish you all and the children the best of luck until I do.


   - Kendra

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As a child, you are constantly told how a good human being helps less fortunate people. Somewhere along the line you start thinking that just knowing this fact is good enough and the thought of actually getting out of your house and helping others doesn't even strike. Ma is the who I have to thank for making me take that step towards actually helping people.

Thinking about it now, it wasn't me that helped the kids. The kids helped me. True, I taught them a few dance steps and true I attempted to teach a few of the little ones the sounds of alphabets but that's all. These kids (whom I can't really call kids given that some of them are older than me!!) have helped me so much more. You wouldn't believe the number of times their excitement has made me smile. During the dance rehearsals, their enthusiasm made my day!! I managed to drag myself out of the house on sleepy Sunday afternoons only so that i could receive the little ones' happy greetings and to play 'Candy Land' with Ma's students once she was done teaching them :) .

So, I guess I must admit my intentions are quite selfish. I came the first time because I wanted to help but I kept coming back because they made me happy.

  - Ritika, Bangalore


The ACT family – includes sponsors, trustees, volunteers, children, their parents et al with every attempt of theirs make me strongly believe in “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it...”

It’s a benevolent work of charity and blessed are thy children.

  - Sakthi, Bangalore

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When i think of ACT.. i think of the Giraffe, the elephant and the cute cartoons painted on the walls of the RC. They are so cute that whoever passes by will surely peep in to see what's the place about.. i get the picture of mother(s) welcoming me with so much of hope in her eyes that i ( a volunteer) would guide her child to become something better than she is ( better - financially and becoming independent ) . The Trustees, who appreciate any act, however small by done anybody (the volunteers, parents or kids ).. And most of all the loving kids.. so enthusiastic about learning and sharing .. Its a place where i learn and receive so much more than i teach and give..

Thanks sujata and bhavani..

  - Maithily, Bangalore

When I think of Ashwini Trust, Smile is the word that comes to my mind. The glittering little eyes filled with promise and confidence. The enthusiasm in the children to learn and grasp the knowledge. I feel ACT emphasis the fact that imparting Education at the right time is the key towards building a better world. Its a great feeling to be associated with the journey towards reconciliation and enlightenment.

  - Prema, Bangalore

I am not much of a computer person and i know this might sound tacky, but i have to tell you guys that the 1 hour 3 times a week that i spend with the little ones is the best thing that has happened to me. For a menopausal woman who has been cribbing about aches and pains for the last couple of years, i suddenly seem to be feeling fine when i am at the centre. I wish i was part of ACT much earlier.

I didnt know what to expect the first day when i walked into the centre, but i was so pleasantly surprised seeing a bunch of happy, smiling and enthusiastic children. They are so wonderful and each one of them gives me so much pleasure ...... i could go on

  - Veena, Bangalore

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ACT is a place

  - Being led by a Lady with immense WILL power ,
  - supported by simple people with beautiful hearts rendering unconditional service,
  - Trusted with their kids by parents who want their kids to break away from generations of illiteracy
  - filled with Kids who are enthusiastic about grabbing all the opportunities being provided by ACT (simultaneously in different fields - education , performing arts etc.) and excelling in most of them.

  - Shekar, Bangalore

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