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Ashwini Charitable Trust - “Lots and lots of joyous, happy and smiling faces welcoming me and greeting me with----Namaste Didi” when I enter the premises. I cannot describe to you or anyone what a transformation I go through at that moment just looking at them and listening to them!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Shobha Jaidev, Bangalore


" Akka...I will study hard and when I grow up..and get a job.....I will buy a cell phone...and the first person who I will call will be you ...".

I dont know what I did to deserve that place in someone s heart, but i do know that ACT gave me an identity- "Madhulika Akka - the dance teacher" . An identity that I thought I would never get since I am one of the millions who are trapped in the corporate world. ACT only makes me feel very obliged and humble. It has given me a direction and loads of love - unconditional love, something that is rare, something that is too precious. Something that i will value till my last breath.

Anyone can very well imagine what it means to me, I left Bangalore almost 2 years back but my identity still remains, Am still Madhulika akka, Am still an acteer, will always be.....

We rock!!!

  - Madhlika, Kolkata

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First, a little background info ... In October 2005 when we, the volunteers from Infineon, started our visits to ACT we were assigned to spend one-on-one time with a few children who were identified as kids who needed special attention. One of these children was Sangeetha Priya. She was a quiet and meek girl who would always stand with her eyes glued to the floor, afraid to look at the person she was talking to. Any question addressed to her would very quickly bring tears to her eyes. Several volunteers worked with her patiently to help her cope with her studies. At one point, she was being considered for transfer to NIOS, but some volunteers didn't want to give up on her and requested that she continue in the main stream and they would do their best to provide all the help she needed. She has now passed her SSLC exam and has successfully completed her 1st PUC.

Last year, I was assigned to teach a spoken English class to all the senior students at ACT (studying in PUC or higher). One of the activities in this class was to stand up and speak for 2 minutes on a given topic. When it was Sangeetha Priya's turn, she stood up with a big smile, came and picked up the chit with the topic that she had to speak on and then started to speak, confidently looking around and making eye contact with everyone in the room! Yes, she made a lot of grammatical mistakes and veered off the topic at times, but that didn't stop her :-) . To me the most amazing thing was that she was standing there in front of 20 people and talking without any hesitation! Several volunteers had spent their time with her over the years and helped to build up her confidence with their love and patience and had transformed the tearful scared little child into a confident young girl. However, what happened after Sangeetha Priya finished her speech was what really touched my heart ... every other child in that room started clapping and saying "Very good, Sangeetha Priya" and she stood there beaming with pride. None of the other children got this kind of reaction to their speeches that day. The children all knew, and were sensitive to the fact, that this was a big achievement for Sangeetha Priya and acknowledged that with their applause.

The change in Sangeetha Priya was not brought about by one single volunteer but with the efforts of many volunteers and it did not happen overnight, but took several years. I am sure you all must have seen several other success stories like this in the 10 years of ACT and I know we will continue to see a lot more thanks to the family of dedicated ACTeers!

Arpita Dutta, Bangalore

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The supreme efforts put in here are going to be result in great achievements. I wish ACT all the best, but with the presence levels of dedication and sincerity they just might not need it.


  - Disha Rao, Bangalore


I have worked with Volunteer org before (Red Cross, Lions etc) but none have impressed me such as Ashwini has done. Real commitment from both leaders and parents, it motivates my work to higher levels. People here really do care about other people.


  - Anne Lee Gandersen, Oslo, Norway

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This is my first experience with an organization like this, and I have had a really amazing and wonderful time. Every single one of the children have amazed and inspired me. You are all very special, and I wish you all the very best for the future.


  - Ruth Patrick, Glasgow, Scotland

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