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It is one of the most memorable day in my life. It was a great experience and I have a feeling that I spent at least 1 day of life for noble cause. Surely I will be part of such of organization. All the best…… Thanks ACT.



It has been a continued association with Ashwini and kids are amazing to interact with. I would like to take up mentoring for some of the kids.

Vivek Gyaneshwar


This has been a very enriching experience. I thought they were extremely creative especially when creating the dinosaur they displayed a wealth of talent and ingenuity. Also during the quiz round, they surprised all the volunteers with their quick answers. Would definitely love to come here again.

Karen Maciel


A very good experience indeed. I went with Kavya and Harshini to Grasmere apartment and was
delighted to see the enthusiasm when they were explaining the importance of garbage disposable. Divya has done a marvelous job. I really hope she fulfills her dream of a clean neighbourhood.


It was a very good experience very good response from neighbourhood. Most people were more than willing to help and do their part for clean surrounding. Kids were also very excited talking about this awareness program.


This was an experience like never before, Different to any other ,as it was outdoor Community service, at least the one’s I’ve been to meant visiting a home teaching kids etc. But this was not just about teaching, but learning in the process. The kids here are brilliant well mannered and fun all the same . Good luck with the clean-up-the-area drive. Hope it all works well (and we were of some help)

Amanda Marcar

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I like the way you call them “our kids” It was a very pleasant experience. I hope to come back sometime.



Extremely energetic environment. Loved spending time with kids would love to volunteer.

Nandita Nadig

Very well behaved kids. Everyone had a very nice time; it was a picnic even for the volunteers. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Saloni Prasad

I’m not good with kids ,but the kids are very encouraging, lovable I had a lot of fun with them coloring, painting and in general laughing and taking.



Today’s visit to the jail with the kids was a humbling experience. It was a perfect way to end my term with GS, a day out with the kids of ACT! Thank you!



Great initiative really touched by the approach to change the lives of young children

Ameet. Bhak

Very impressed and great to see the support .Act provides to the poor kids inspired to be a part.


Thank you ACT for the initiative and supporting the education for so many children. This is the best thing one can do for the society. Keep it up.

Vikram sethi

Thanks for doing what most people could only dream of!

Gopal sripada

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